Contribute to the Blind Outdoor Adventure Team projects

I am working on multiple new projects for the near future.
Water Belongs to Everyone, a summer water sports academy for blind youth and adults,
a century bike ride to raise awareness about blindness
Fishing trips around the Bay Area are only few of my upcoming projects. If you would like to support please click the button below to contribute!

Donations and Volunteers Needed For The Projects

Blind Outdoor Adventure Team appreciates any contributions to our upcoming adventures. We need volunteers to be tandem bike captains, life guards on the water, photographers, and support crew for the activities.
We also need equipment for the activities including:
Tandem bikes
Bike gear
Kayaking gear
Fishing gear
Camping gear
If you have any outdoor equipment that you don't need anymore let us know. Contact me for donations

My Photo Gallery

  • Ahmet fishing in SF Bay
  • Ahmet setting up his kayak
  • Ahmet is standing on the beach with sunset in the background
  • Map of Bosphorus
  • Ahmet is standing between two kayaks
  • Ahmet paddling a single kayak

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How Can You Support?

I will be training from August 2017 to July 2018 for my Project "Paddling From Europe To Asia." I am looking for people who can
paddle with me around San Francisco and Istanbul
teach me currents of the Bosphorous
help me with electronics, mechanics, and software/app development such as installation of Obstacle Detection and collision Avoidance Systems (ultrasonic and laser sensors), building arduino and Raspberry Pi devices, ETC
take photos and videos during my trainings and crossing the Bosphorous
help me with video editing and creating a short documentary about my project "Paddling From Europe To Asia"
Be one of my sponsors
Please contact me at if you are interested in volunteering or sponsoring.

Tech devices I'll use on the kayak

Fishing with me!

Fishing is one of my favorite activity. I do pier fishing around San Francisco Bay. During my training for "Paddling From Europe To Asia" I am hoping to get into kayak fishing as well.
I want my website, to be a platform where blind and sighted fisherman can connect and go fishing together.
If you are a blind fisherman looking for a sighted fishing buddy or if you are a sighted fishing enthusiast who wants to volunteer please contact me at

Sailing in San Francisco Bay

If you are looking for an accessible sailing program in San Francisco check out The Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors (BAADS). BAADS seeks to make all aspects of sailing accessible. To fulfill this mission, they offer weekly dinghy sailing, keelboat sailing, and Veterans sailing†out of South Beach Marina, adjacent to ATT Park.†

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